Ses Salines

Another kind of village

A Place with History

Named after the numerous salt pans, places where sea water is being “dried”  to collect the salt. This collection is done with a long-established hand method “dating from the time of Roman domination”. The municipality of Ses Salines is one of the most charming places of the island of Mallorca. One of those places well worth a visit.

In the Migjorn region

Ses Salines is a coastal territory, where fishermen who use old fishing techniques also live.

It is located in the region of Migjorn, southeast Majorcas.

The village of Ses Salines is the capital of the municipality. Nearby you will also find the Town Hall and the touristic area known as Sant Jordi.

A place with History

As it happens in other places Mallorca, the origins of Ses Salines go back to the time of the Muslim domination, when the area was a farmstead where agriculture was practiced.
We must also remember that in this municipality there has always been a constant human flow, since the “salinas”  (salt pans) caused the regular presence of groups of workers accompanied by their families.

The artisan practices of collecting salt date back to Roman times.
Other great peoples of history have also left their mark on Ses Salines. The trade had Carthaginian settlements and the Phoenician ships were seen in the area at the time. A place rich in history. A place loved and visited since then.

Defensive Towers & Wind Mills

The historical character of Ses Salines has also left its mark on the constructions that we can find when we walk around the municipality.

The defense towers are one of them.

The Balearic Islands have always been a passage for pirates and corsairs, as well as a key archipelago for countries with a large marina, you just have to see their relationship with the British Empire.

The defense against the attacks of the pirates was more than necessary and the defensive towers were bastions necessary to stop their attacks.

In Ses Salines you can also find structures where the windmills are the central part and where the wheat necessary for the survival of the Mallorcan people was milled.



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