One of the most popular celebrations of the Majorcan winter is “Sant Antoni”. Everyone waits with anticipation for the departure of the witch María Pega and the Old Demon together with Banyeta Verda, in Tugores and the Demon Cucarell in Pou Juá which walk the streets of the town accompanied by the “demonios monaguiullos” and the “xeremiers” until finally Sant Antoni returns to lock them up.

The group of Demons illuminates the night of January 16th with a spectacular “correfoc” that lights the big bonfire in which bread, sobrasada, botifarrones and the meat for dinner will be roasted. Around it will be songs and dance until the late hours of the night.

The next day, January 17th, the traditional Sant Antoni blessings are held where wagons, farmers and animals parade around the “Plaza Mayor”.