Platja es Dolç


Fine-grained white sandy beach

Platja d’es Dolç is located 300 meters away of Colònia Sant Jordi next to its fishing and sport port. This tourist area offers the only active saltworks of Mallorca, S’Estanys and Sa Vall.

It is a fine-grained white sandy beach, with rocks covered with green algae. Its seabed is made of sand, rock and seaweed.  A Dolç is reached by road with ease, although the private vehicle must be parked away from this sandy area. You have to walk about 250 meters to step on its slope, the same distance that you need from the nearest bus stop to the beach.

About 300 meters from its coast you can see the islet of Na Guardis (which preserves Punic remains) and other islets that act as a natural barrier to preserve the cleanliness of the sand and the seabed.

The practice of diving is recommended between the islet of Na Guardis, Colònia de Sant Jordi and Es Dolç. The diver will dive among the remains of a Punic merchant and a Roman galley, located between 2 and 6 meters deep, respectively.


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