Platja Es Peregons Petits


Platja Es Peregons Petits

The beach is located at 2’3 km of Colónia de Sant Jordi and is the continuation of its ” bigolder sister”, the Platja d’es Peregons Grans. This quiet beach is covered almost entirely by a thick mantle of continental posidonia (seaweed), which invites bathers to visit the “sister beach” of  Platja d’es Perengons Grans. On Platja Es Peregons Petits you can practice nudism.

Here the anchorage of a boat on the sand bed is allowed. The probe marks different depths as it approaches the coast: 5 meters to the bottom at 300 meters from the shore, 3 meters at 200 meters from the shore and 2 meters at 150 meters from the shore. If you intend to disembark, as the old pirates, it is advisable to do so by the central part, since the rocks abound on the sides.

The littoral landscape of the beach is dotted with ghostly bunkers of the Spanish Civil War. It was known that the extension of this beach could propitiate a disembarkation of the enemy forces. These optimal conditions were already known by pirates and corsairs so at the end of the sixteenth century the construction of watch towers and coastal defense began.



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