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Diverse Habitat & Environment

The ornithological importance of Mallorca is extraordinary. And it is because of the quantity and quality of its seabirds: in the southern Mallorcan cone, practically half of all the gull breeding pairs are located here.

It is also known for its raptors. Or for the large quantity and better quality of its waterfowl.

But when the ornithological show reaches its climax it is during the migratory steps. It attracts thousands of bird lovers.

That is why practically the whole region has different figures of protection, from a National Park to other regional and European figures. For example: the different zones ZEPA (Areas of Special Protection for Birds) that are located in full in the Southern Mallorcan cone are vital for birds and their conservation.

natural areas

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a leisure activity, almost addictive, which requires hardly any effort. For the uninitiated, however, it may seem a complex and difficult hobby, which requires great knowledge and advanced optical material. Nothing is further from reality!
To enjoy the birds only enthusiasm and desire to soak up nature, flights and trills is requiered. And field notebook
to leave a written record of everything observed, heard and lived.

Obviously, it is advisable to have binoculars, or a telescope, a camera and a good identification guide.