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Vestiges of prehistoric and protohistoric settlements, Punic remains,  Roman Shipwrecks, with the second oldest salt pans in the world … A place where time stops and the traveler wonder. Monuments, unique buildings and deeply-rooted local fairs in a land you will fall in love with.


The “Talaiots” (9th century BC),  are megalithic monuments of the Bronze culture, and  the origin of agriculture and livestock of Ses Salines.

The salt pans of Sa Vall or Colònia de Sant Jordi are the second oldest in the world (4th century BC) since their exploitation was initiated by the Punic merchants. Salt continued to be the main source of interest for Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and Christians. These same salt pans would explain the etymological origin of the municipality “Ses Salines”. Its extraction is still done today with traditional methods during the month of August.

During the Islamic period, Ses Salines was a farmstead until the year 1230, when it was conquered by King Jaume I, who incorporated Mallorca into the Catalan-Aragonese kingdom.


Vestiges of prehistoric and protohistoric settlements: Talaia Joana and Talaiots de Na Mera, Mitjà Gran, Els Antigors, etc.

Punic remains on the island of Na Guardia and Roman boats remains near the coast.

Monuments of military architecture: S’Estany, a 15th Century fortified building located next to the salt pan; S’avall, a 14th century watchtower; Ca’n Barbarà tower, a fortified building next to the Parroquial church.

Fairs & Fiestas

Ses Salines organizes its celebrations for Saint Bartholomew (Sant Bartomeu) on August 24th, with a wide variety of leisure activities for all ages.

In winter, on January 17th, the village celebrates Saint Anthony´s fair, where you can enjoy the “correfocs” and the “dimonis” from Ses Salines.